MXF to iMovie for Mac-Import and edit MXF files with iMovie

Is there a good way to import MXF files into iMovie 11 at full HD resolution (or close to it)? I’ve loaded them onto my MacBook Pro (running Mavericks) and viewed them with the XDCAM EX Clip Browser. They are Mpeg 4 files but iMovie 11 (version 9.0.8) won’t import them. In the import dialog box the files are grayed out. All I can do is convert the files to RAW DV with the XDCAM Clip Browser. I’d rather not edit in a low resolution like RAW DV if possible. Any suggestions. Thanks.

The MXF format may not be unfamiliar for Users of High Definition camcorder s such as Panasonic P2, Canon XF100, Canon XF 105, Canon XF 305 etc. All the camcorders listed record videos in .MXF format which is designed to streamline workflows between different platforms, such as cameras, digital editing equipment, and servers. It becomes more and more popular as the common use of the High Definition Camcorder. However, it is not a piece of cake if you want to edit the MXF videos in iMovie because most of the video editing tools and media players don’t recognize MXF files at all.

To import MXF to iMovie for editing, the best solution so far we have searched is to convert MXF to iMovie support formats such as MOV or MP4. Then import the converted MXF video files to iMovie for editing. Here we are going to introduce a great Mac MXF Converter for user to convert MXF to iMovie. The UFUSoft MXF Video Converter for Mac can also used as a MXF video Editor and Audio Extractor due to its powerful editing and converting functions. Download the MXF Video Converter for Mac and have a try.

Easy steps to convert MXF to iMovie on Mac OS X

1. Free download this UFUSoft MXF to iMovie converter from our website, and then please install this program on your Mac. This software also has windows version, so it can also help you to transcode MXF footages on Windows computer.

Download MXF Converter for Mac Buy MXF Converter for Mac

2. Run this MXF to iMovie converter, you will see this program’s main interface. Now you can import the MXF video files that you want to convert.

3. Choose output format. As you need to convert MXF to iMovie for editing, we recommend you to choose AIC codec MOV format, this is native format for iMovie.

4. Before convert MXF to iMovie, you can click settings button to customize the output parameters.

5. The last step is to click convert button to start the MXF to iMovie MOV conversion.

The MXF video converter will begin the conversion immediately, you just need to wait some time, when the conversion finished, you can load convert video files to iMovie, and then edit with iMovie natively. Just take a free try, hope this MXF to iMovie converter can help you.

Supported MXF camcorders include:

Sony PMW-400L, PMW-400K, PMW-500, PMW-TD300, PMW-200, PMW-300K1, PMW-160, PMW-100, PMW-F55, PMW-F5, PMW-320K, PMW-F3, PMW-F3K, PMW-F3L, PMW-50, PMW-EX30, PXW-Z100, PMW-1000, XDCAM HD422 Camcorder, etc.

Panasonic AG-3DP1, AG-HPX170PJ, AG-HPX600PJF, AJ-HPX2000, AJ-HPX3100GJ, AG-HPX250PJ, AG-HPX255, AG-HPX370, AG-HPX500, AG-HPX600PJ, AG-HPX600PJB, AJ-PX5000G, AJ-HPX2700, AJ-HPX3700, etc.

Canon XF100, XF105, C300, XF300, XF305, C500, XF200, XF205, etc.

Download MXF Converter for Mac Buy MXF Converter for Mac